About us:

Amal Armani is a Premium clothing collection designed for  the independent woman. It was designed to make Women effortlessly stylish. Uncompromising in quality and value , Our collection features luxury ready-to-wear, and High end fashion for  Women. 

Amal Armani was inspired by the life of two independent friends named Amal and Armani. Amal Armani take on the Retro, Modern, Minimalist concepts and  bring it into the Every day life of an Independent Woman who is classy , elegant and effortlessly stylish.  

Amal Armani Fashion was designed to create personality and praise the modern independent women. 

Our Collection also  includes high quality Shoes, Bags, Jewellery and Accessories that are designed to last by using high quality blends and pure materials to make you look good and feel good every day.

Our Mission:

We aim to always offer great fashion at competitive  prices. Our mission is to provide customers with an exciting shopping experience and a fine selection of hand picked high quality  fashion products.  We aspire to become more sustainable. We carefully choose our suppliers and materials and inform our customers about how to care for their products to prolong their lifespan.  Our future business strategies are to continue striving for exceptional customer service  to maintain our competitive edge, and to expand across more locations worldwide.
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